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In Greece, in an island of the northeast Aegean named Chios, grows and cultivated a unique kind of global flora, the mastic tree. The islanders of Chios embraced this blessing from the ancient times and take advantage of this divine gift with gratitude and respect.

However a special gastronomic approach, the Liqueur Mastiha from Psychis tends to gain univocal dimension among similar products. Proceeds of the inventiveness and interest of Konstantinos Psychis, son and grandson of family distillers since 1881, who founded the distillery in 1925. The Mastiha liqueur has become the favorite of the four generations of distillers who from an early age learned to love traditional distillation and its products. Like the ship's mast when playing with the waves, the diagonal placement of all elements of the packaging on the bottle, perfectly married with the rope that greatly mimics the classic boat rope. This will travel anyone who knows and can evaluate the superiority of original feedstock. The traditional secrets of the product recipe passing from generation to generation can’t be but love for this liqueur, passion by a discerning palate of Chios producer and of course devotion and respect to its history till to date.

Chios Liqueur Mastiha Psychis, which had been traditionally served in weddings, baptisms and in other social celebrations for decades, has made a remarkable entrance to the current bar.

Chios Liqueur Mastiha Psychis keep on travelling to further destinations!

Table of products

Product Name Origin Comments
Chios Mastiha Liqueur Psychis Chios Island 200 ml
Chios Mastiha Liqueur Psychis Chios Island 500 ml
Chios Mastiha Liqueur Psychis Chios Island 700ml 750ml

TIP : We suggest Mastiha after lunch or Dinner