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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lesvos

The story:

     Lesvos, the third biggest island of Greece, is known since antiquity for its self-sufficiency, wealth and philosophy. A major role in its wealth played the quality of the olive oil produced in the millions of olive trees there.

 Our grandfathers and grandmothers gathered olives in the mountains of Gera for centuries, something that helped them survive through wars and managed to pass the love of the land and the tradition to us. It is a harsh ground to work in yet the superb quality justifies the hardships of it all.

We continue an unbroken chain of olive farmers that date back seven generations.

The Place, Family, Cultivation Process and Product:

     Makara Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil is monovarietal, produced from the olive variety "Kolovi", indigenous only in the island of Lesvos.

All of them groves are family owned, mountainous and located in Gera's Gulf, consisting from hundreds of years old trees. The mild Mediterranean climate of Gera and the microclimate of the grove provide ideal growing conditions and ripening of the olive fruit.

We as a family, actively participate in all phases of the process from gathering to bottling and design.

We applied the systematic and analytical approach to the tradition that was handed to us, in order to make it more efficient and bring the most out of these centuries’ old trees and their fruit.

We offer a unique balance between the full natural delicious taste, the unique fragrant aroma and the high phenolic value of our Evoo, Makara Grove. Family business, family brand, family owned olive groves.

The bottle has unique design, has UV protection and a safety cap with a ball dosimeter to ensure the preservation of the rich ingredients, taste and aroma.

What came out as a result is a premium extra virgin olive oil with all of its' healthy ingredients, full fresh flavor and distinct aromas in a limited amount of bottles that has concentrated our passion, hard work and effort along with all these things that make MAKARA GROVE olive oil unique!

Table of products

Product Name Origin Comments
MAKARA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lesvos Island 250ml
MAKARA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lesvos Island 500ml


TIP : Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily